Provincial TB Control Program Sindh

Directorate General of
Health Services Sindh

Our Mission

A TB Free Sindh

Our Vision

Universal Access to TB care achieving Zero TB death, Disease and Poverty due to Tuberculosis.


To reduce by 50% the prevalence of TB in the general population by 2025 in comparison with 2012.

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1. Achieve universal access to high quality care for all people with TB:

  • Early diagnosis of TB including universal Drug Susceptibility testing and systematic screening of contact s and high risk groups.
  • Treatment of all people with TB including Drug Resistant TB and Patient Support.
  • Preventive Treatment of persons at high risk.
  • Collaborative TB/HIV activities.

2. Strengthen Programmatic and Operational Management Capacity of the Provincial TB Control Program while enhancing public sector support for TB control by 2025.


To achieve more than 80% TB treatment coverage (CDR) in 2025 by:

  • Engagement of Private Section all districts of Sindh.
  • Prevalence survey of Sindh in 2019-2020 to know the actual TB burden in the Province.

Complete TB Care on your 6 Months Treatment Short Course

ہے جیت زندگی کی

TB Treatment Coverage

Case detection rate
Progress 59%
Detection of MDR
Progress 70%
Treatment Success Rate
Progress 90%
Death Rate
Death Rate 1.8%
مسلسل 6 مهينن تائين دوائن جو ڪورس ڪري ٽي بي مان مڪمل نجات حاصل ڪريو​
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It's Time to End TB

اچو ته گڏجي
ٽي بي جو خاتمو آڻيو

Let's eradicate TB together

  • TB diagnosis and treatment is available free of cost across the country in public and private sector healthcare facilities.
  • Any person having persistent cough for more than 2 weeks must go for sputum examination from a nearby diagnostic center for TB.


Chief Minister Sindh

Syed Murad Ali Shah

Minister Health

Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho

Secretary Health

Dr Kazim Hussain Jatoi

Deputy DG CDC
DR. Teerath Das Valecha
اسان اوهان کي خوش ڏسڻ چاهيون ٿا
ٽي بي جي باري ۾ آگاهي حاصل ڪريو ۽ پنهنجن پيارن جي زندگي بچايو

Directorate TB Control Program Sindh.
First Floor DG-Health Office
Old Wahadat Colony Hyderabad, Sindh.